Seasonal menu


Beef consommé, liver dumplings, vegetables (1,3,8,9,11)
55 CZK


100g Lettuce with marinated beetroot, mushrooms, roasted seeds, goat cheese and homemade bread (1,3,7,12)
120 CZK

Homemade spätzle with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and crunchy fried onion rings (1,3,7,12)
115 CZK

120g Homemade spätzle with roasted pancetta, crushed tomatoes and crunchy fried onion rings (1,3,7,12)
125 CZK

150g Two fried cheeses (camembert and gouda) with homemade Tartar sauce and baked potatoes (1,3,7,8,10,11,12)
145 CZK

170g Wiener schnitzel with Viennese potato salad (1,3,7,8,9,10,11)
145 CZK

Grilled meat170g Grilled pork tenderloin
135 CZK
170g Grilled beef flank
195 CZK
170g Chicken breast with bone and skin
105 CZK
Side dishes
Homemade spätzle baked with butter (1,3,7)
 35 CZK
Viennese potato salad (10)
35 CZK
French fries
35 CZK
Grilled seasonal vegetables
55 CZK
Meat condiments

Homemade Tartar sauce (3,10,12)
25 CZK
Strong meat juice with herbs (9,12)
35 CZK
Pickled pepper and cream sauce (7,12)
35 CZK

Meringue with pistachios (3,8)
30 CZK
Tiramisu (1,3,7,12)
65 CZK
Homemade cookies (1,3,7)
18 CZK
Dessert of the day
From 35 CZK


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