Beverages Bistro ROH21


Specialty coffee from the Czech coffee roasting company Doubleshot
Originating from fresh crops only, obtained directly from the farmers and prepared in accordance with the principles of the Czech coffee roasting company Doubleshot

Filter coffee
39 Kč
Delicious  Kusmi
 50 Kč
Homemade bistro ice tea – daily offer
0,1l – 12 Kč
Homemade bistro Lemonades – daily offer
0,1l – 16 Kč
Water with lemon and mint
0,1l – 5 Kč

Matuška Beer  0,33l (1)
75 Kč
Pilsner Urquell 0,33l (1)
45 Kč
Radegast Birell 0,33l (1)
35 Kč

Soft Drinks
Rajec 0,33l
25 Kč
Rajec 0,75l
75 Kč
Fentimans lemonade 0,275l
55 Kč
Q-cumber lemonade 0,275l
Juice Rauch 0,2l
 35 Kč


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